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Factors That May Influence Workplace Air Quality

Posted by on Jun 17, 2017 in Ventilation | 0 comments

One of the most overlooked factors in the workplace is air quality. This is kind of sad when you think about it, because air quality can directly affect productivity and safety in the workplace. If employees are exposed to bad air quality, they may sustain illnesses, call in sick, and produce nothing for the day. Poor air quality is basically bad for both employer and employee.

There are certain factors that may influence the air quality in the workplace, and the employer and the employee should make sure that these factors are taken into consideration while trying to accomplish their goal of having good air quality at work.

Ventilation System

When you think about air quality, the first things that should come into your mind are air movement, humidity, and temperature, because those are the most basic things that need to be addressed. The simple solution is to install an adequate and properly designed ventilation system, such as that from RoboVent. It also helps if the system can filter dusts and other particles.

Workspace Design

A workspace is often crowded, both by people and equipment. This crowdedness and tightness may result into poor air quality, specifically because of poor air movement due to barriers and obstacles. The work area should not be too crowded and should be properly designed, and the work equipment should be placed in a way that doesn’t block air pathways.

Area Maintenance

A work area should also be maintained properly, to avoid the buildup of possibly hazardous organic and inorganic materials, like bacteria, dust, and mold. The equipment in the area should also be maintained, especially the ventilation system. This prevents defects, malfunctions, and accidents that may arise from either. A clean work area is not just safe, as it is also aesthetically pleasing.


Pollutants can come from the outside or inside of the workplace. They may come in many forms, such as carbon emissions from office equipment, construction heavy machines, and vehicles, dust particles from construction and manufacturing techniques, or bad airs from gases and tobacco. To avoid pollutants, it is wise to separate the equipment and processes that produce them from the general workspace or air pathway to it.

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