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The Modern Trends in Bridal Showers

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Bridal showers are a lot of fun. In fact, these sorts of parties have been around since the 1890s. Our ancestors were definitely on to something! In fact, things resembling modern-day bridal showers were once held in medieval England. These events were known as Bride Ales, and these were feasts held before the wedding day where a bride would brew beer and sell it at a very high price. I must say, that sounds like a very good time!  Nowadays, bridal showers do not involve generating a profit for the future bride. Instead, the parties include giving gifts to the soon-to-be bride, and they are overall great events to celebrate an upcoming wedding.

While the central aspects of bridal showers are gift-giving and the celebration of the future bride, choosing the right venue is crucial to a successful party. In fact, the choice of venue has many implications on the party itself. Venue affects the choice of attire, number of people attending, and much more. There is nothing like a great venue to get everyone ready for the upcoming wedding.

Because of my interest in event planning in general, I decided to do a little research on the common trends in venue selection for bridal showers. The more common areas to host bridal showers include homes, restaurants, event spaces, and hotels. Hotels provide a good, efficient place to serve cocktails and appetizers. The same can be said for restaurants and event spaces, but event spaces give a little more room for creativity and freedom to incorporate whatever activities the bride would like. Homes are the cheapest and most common option, and having a bridal shower in your home allows for a lot of creativity, much like the event space. However, a host must be prepared to have the desired amount of people.

Some of the less common places to hold bridal showers include tea houses and large outdoor spaces. These can be unique places that leave the guests and the bride satisfied. However, during my research, I came across one particular type of venue that will always result in a fun bridal shower: yachts.

One article thoroughly explained the concept of hosting a bridal shower on a yacht. A bridal shower on a yacht is undoubtedly a more luxurious type of party, but bridal showers on a ship can be a lot of fun!  The article stressed how every bride is different, and how yacht bridal showers can be tailored to suit each bride’s needs. A yacht bridal shower can have unique types of food served, and it can provide a wide range of types of entertainment. Certainly, all the guests, as well as the bride, will be leaving the bridal shower happy and satisfied. When guests look back at all the bridal showers they attended, they will remember the one that was on a yacht!

Of all the modern trends, I found the yachting venue to be the most memorable and eye-catching. It is essential to carefully choose a site that is tailored the bride’s desires. I’m happy to know the modern trends in venue selection!

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